Welcome to Aardvark Internet

Important note:

Aardvark Internet services will be closing in the near future - full details on this page including alternative services...!

Aardvark Internet provides a variety of free & subscription based web site tools and services. Most are accessible from a single login, using a standard easy to follow design to save you time. And the vast majority of the tools are completely free saving you money too!

We are just putting the finishing touches to the tools and of course our team of dedicated Aardvark programmers are working hard to bring your more and more web site tools. In the mean time, here is a taster of what you can expect.

Aardvark Mailing List

Tap into one of the biggest free marketing tools around with an opt-in mailing list (or ten) for your web site. Your visitors subscribe specifically to hear your message so whether it's the latest web site news or this month's special offers, you can quickly and easily reach a targeting audience eager to hear from you!

Aardvark Postcards

If you have some interesting digital pictures, why not allow your users to send the pictures to their friends as postcards. It not only gives your web site an extra free feature sometimes known as "Web site stickiness", but by sending the postcards your users are recommending your site as well - free publicity!