Aardvark Internet is closing soon...

Aardvark Internet has been providing several free simple to use web site tools since 2004 and we have enjoyed seeing the wide range of uses people put them to.

Aardvark Mailinglist for example has been used to send over
31 million e-mails to over 250,000 subscribers around the globe from keeping pop group fans updated on the latest releases, to helping to combat censorship all around the world...!

We are however only a small team with limited resources both in manpower and servers. Therefore we have taken the difficult decision to close down the Aardvark Internet services to allow us to concentrate on more sustainable projects such as the A Luxury Travel Blog web site.

Switching from Aardvark Mailing List

For anyone using Aardvark Mailing list, we have found two excellent alternatives which provide both paid for and free versions as outlined below.

Whatever system you decide is best for your needs, we urge everyone to setup a new mailing list and e-mail your subscribers to ask them to switch over to the new system as soon as possible.

If you add the reminder to every e-mail it gives you the maximum chance of everyone re-subscribing in plenty of time.

  • Aweber is generally regarded as the best mailing list provider today with the highest delivery rate to inboxes (avoiding the spam folder).

    With over 150 templates to make your e-mail stand out, automated followup auto responders and 12+ years experience, Aweber are the best choice for anyone with a large mailing list or commercial mailing list.

    Sign up now for just $1 for the first month - click here for details.

  • Mail Chimp are one of the favourite services for smaller mailing lists with free options.

    You can of course use Mail Chimp to send out larger e-mails, but they seem to have slightly fewer configuration options and our research suggests that Aweber may have a slightly higher successful delivery rate, although this is very hard to measure.

    If you're running a personal mailing list for under 2000 subscribers then Mail Chimp might well be a good option as it is currently free!

We would finally like to thank all those people who have used our Aardvark Internet tools over the years and wish you the best of luck in your future enterprises.